Ecological, healthy and sustainable architecture

During the 18 month renovation phase (2015-2016), I followed ecological and healthy architecture principles in and around my cottages:

  • geothermal heat

    to drill for geothermal heat and connect up to the heating system

  • brine heat pump & an air heat pump

    to install a brine heat pump and an air heat pump which supply the underfloor heating and radiators in all cottages as well as the hot water

  • place of healing

    to eliminate geopathic and electromagnetic stress as well as geomantic anomolies and disturbances by installing a photon radiation harmoniser at one of the most energetic point of the property, so that the whole property is now everywhere at least 12.544 on the Bovis scale (healing frequency), as a result this is truly a place of healing.

    At one point there are even 17,767 Bovis. Here people can recharge themselves with pleasure and enjoy how Father Sky and Mother Earth work together positively on all levels and noticeably increase the energy level.

    With this healing frequency recovery, recuperation and greater inspiration is possible.

  • cistern

    to install a cistern in the garden to collect the rainwater from all the roofs used to water the garden and flower beds,

  • ecological pulp

    to have all 3 roofs insulated with the best ecological pulp („Isofloc“),

  • solid wood

    to have all windows and doors made of solid wood,

  • cables for Ethernet

    to have all 3 houses supplied with cables for Ethernet, so that sensitive people are not disturbed by WIFI and instead can connect directly to the Internet system with their laptops using the ethernet cables on each floor without radio radiation. WIFI is available and can be turned off in each house.

  • not disturbed by the electromanatic waves

    to provide insulation in holiday home Lichtberg 1, so that the guests are not disturbed by the electromanatic waves of the neighbourhood,

  • infrared heating

    to install two infrared heating bodies as a heating system in cottage Lichtberg 2 on the top floor , which are energy-saving and – especially for allergy sufferers – with their radiant heat healthier than conventional heating bodies,

  • knotted organic cotton carpet

    to furnish the cottage Lichtberg 2 so that it is completely suitable for allergy sufferers when I remove the knotted organic cotton carpet on the top floor,

  • water-saving fittings

    to fit the toilet flushes and the taps with water-saving fittings.

  • mineral based plaster

    to use only lime mud as plaster (inside) and silicate paint, so that the walls can “breathe”, as well as only “open”, mineral based plaster and “open paints” (Soldalit) on the outside walls
    to install energy saving devices have been purchased in all 3 cottages,

  • energy saving devices

    to install energy saving devices in all 3 cottages,

  • isolating switches

    to intall “isolating switches” in all 3 cottages, which cause the electric circuit on the upper floors, where people sleep, to be interrupted when the last electric device is switched off, so that sleeping people are no longer surrounded by electro smog, which is beneficial for their health,

  • underfloor heating

    to install underfloor heating (tiles) in all 3 houses on the ground floor, and radiators and solid wood floorboardsupstairs,

  • solid wood

    to use new and made of solid wood furniture – except in the kitchens – which is only treated with organic linseed oil,

  • surface protection

    to protect all wooden surfaces with organically safe surface protection,

  • solar powered

    to provide all roof windows with solar powered external shutters,

  • GRANDER system

    to install a GRANDER system to turn all water into the best healing water (for drinking, showering, bathing, toilet-flushing),