Who am I

“I love my new profession – hosting guests – very much.” I have been renting out my two small cottages since the beginning of 2017, both elaborately renovated to a high standard, to guests from all over the world. It fills me with great pleasure to be able to share this beautiful place, where I live myself, with other people. It is extremely rewarding to be able to support my guests in a friendly way, so that they find exactly what they are looking for here on the quiet mountain in Trier and in the beautiful and interesting surroundings. In doing so, I keep myself very discreetly in the background, am easily approachable and supportive when I am needed. The vacation homes are managed, cleaned and designed by myself. It is important to me to carry out this work myself to my own standards; my guests are grateful for this personal “touch”; they feel very “welcome” and report this back to me.
I love nature – it is a deep concern of mine to protect our earth for all living beings and also for the coming generations.

My name is Hildegard Ohlmeier, born in Trier in 1958 and, having lived here all my life, I am very familiar with the surrounding area. I am a pensioner with 2 daughters and 6 granddaughters.

I try to live sustainability in harmony with our natural environment every day. When my guests experience the delightful pleasure in simple and natural things, they tell me that they often feel happier and healthier and that they, and often their children too, feel more peaceful and relaxed, sleep deeper and really manage to slow down – so much so that they take many ideas for their daily life home with them.

For some guests, the “Lichtberg” also becomes a “room for reflection” in the sense of: “What is a well-lived life for me?” “What’s my contribution?” For some guests, the “mountain of light” is the quiet space they need to devote themselves to science, art, a deepened “home office” or exercise (e.g. sports or meditation). Some couples want to slow down and get closer to the essential or to reorient themselves in a high-quality and healthy space that consciously saves on stimuli. Most guests, including families, simply come because they want to enjoy a good hostel on the edge of nature, away from the hustle and bustle, with the beautiful city of Trier quickly easily accesible.
With attentiveness and friendliness I am happy to support my guests in this.

My hobby: gardening! I grow the vegetables and salad for myself, in the bed behind the cottage Lichtberg 1 and in four raised beds in the garden. I only fertilize with organic compost, which I take out of my compost bin. All raw fruit and vegetables, including organic waste from my guests, are allowed in there.